Saturday, January 5, 2013

Roasted Red Pepper Dip - Unknown Cookbook

3 Large sweet red peppers
1 Small clove garlic
½ cup nonfat sour cream
2 TBS chopped fresh basil
1 tsp anchovy paste
½ tsp lemon juice
¼ tsp freshly ground pepper

Cut peppers  in half lengthwise; remove and discard seeds and membranes.  Place peppers, skin side up, on a baking sheet; flatten with palm of hand.  Broil 5 ½ inches from heat (with electric oven door partially opened) 15 – 20 minutes or until charred.  Place peppers in ice water until cool;  peel and discard skins.
Position knife blade in food processor bowl.  Drop garlic through food chute with processor running; process 3 seconds or until garlic is minced.  Add roasted red pepper, sour cream, and remaining ingredients.  Process until smooth.  Serve with raw vegetables or toasted baguette slices.

Yield:  1 ½ cups

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