Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello from CK's Foodie Friends!!


If you are looking at this page then you are foodie like me.  :-) Most of the recipes I will be posting on here will be from our wide variety of cookbooks that we have here in our house.  Other recipes will be recipes that have been passed down or written on scraps of paper by friends.

A little about me. I am married to a wonderful man who enjoys my love of cooking and cookbooks.  We have 2 furbabies, a 1 year old English Pointer and an 11 year old Lab/Mix.  We are a military family that has traveled all over this great country of ours. We try to enjoy the food that is local to the area that we are living in at the time.  When we were in Washington we ate seafood, piroshky, and a lot of different coffee flavors.  When we lived in central Pennsylvania we had a lot of cheese steaks, and would pick a different local restaurant each time we would go out.  Now that we are in Kentucky we are eating a lot of Southern inspired dishes.

I am also a gastric bypass patient.  Because of this I try to adapt recipes to be bariatric friendly.  Some, however, cannot be adapted.

I will also take requests if you are looking for a particular recipe or ways to use new ingredients.

Welcome to our page!!  I am excited to start this journey!!

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